How much does a video or a commercial cost?

Every production is different, each involving its own set of variables, which can make it very difficult to price without knowing the details.

The overall goals or purpose of the production, the number of days of shooting and editing, the talent required, special effects and animation, and length of the final product are just some of the elements that can affect the cost of a production.

Capture360 offers a wide range of pricing packages tailored to meet each client’s needs so you can get results and still stay within your budget.

Video production equipment is less expensive now; can’t I just make my own video or commercial?

You can always try, but while most amateur videos are fine for vacations and birthday party memories for family and friends, they fall short as a vehicle for effective communications.

Today’s audiences instinctively know the difference between a professional production and an amateur one – and a low-quality production can be distracting, drawing your audience’s attention away from your message and leaving them with a lasting, negative impression of your company.

At Capture360, we only use high-end professional video and audio equipment—and with over 20 years of experience, you can be assured that your video or commercial will be of the highest technical and creative quality, leaving your audience with the best possible impression of you and your company.

Video production company’s prices can vary greatly, how do I know who to choose?

First of all, high price doesn’t necessarily mean high quality or the best final product. Some companies may be priced higher than others just to create the impression that they’re better; others may have high overhead costs that inflate their pricing. Either way, hiring a company simply because of their higher cost doesn’t guarantee that they’ll provide you with the best product or service.

On the other hand, the least expensive vendors most likely have less experience and inferior equipment. The lower costs coming as a result of a smaller investment in consumer or “pro-sumer” video equipment and the fact that they may be just starting out in the business. 

At Capture 360, we recommend that you consider quality, experience, reputation and service as well as price when choosing a production company.

We have locations all over the country that we want to include in the video, is that a problem?

Not at all, Capture360 is located in Atlanta, GA, but routinely travels all over the country and beyond to serve our clients. 

Why should I do a video, can’t I just tell my employees what I want them to know, or send them an email?

Today, people are more visual then ever. A properly crafted video can convey an emotion, a mood, or motivate someone far more effectively than words in an email or from a simple speech.  A well-made video can capture and keep someone’s attention and can be reviewed again and again.

What type of camera and format do you use?

That depends on your needs and your budget. Most projects are shot on broadcast-quality high-definition cameras. However, if your the budget allows, film options are also available.